Red Camera

Red Cam has been the leader of the professional filming market. They set the gold standard years ago and are now considered a Hollywood standard for film making. The superior quality that Red offers makes them the price leader for professional production houses and studios alike. Every distributor prefers their content or feature to be filmed with Red as it guarantees a polished look. Last year Red stepped there offerings up with a new product called the Red Hydrogen One [...]

Canon Cameras

Canon is the top consumer brand for prosumer technology on a reasonable budget. If your looking for champagne on a beer budget, look no further. Canon has been at the forefront of imaging technology for over 80 years and continues to innovate. In 1987, Canon introduced the EOS Camera and EF Lenses with the world’s first fully electronically controlled EF Mount. In the digital era that followed, we fulfilled the demands of the generation and set new standards. The development of the [...]

Sony Cameras

Sony has presented improvements on their cameras year after year. This type of brand dedication and technology elevation make Sony a worthy brand for your money. In 1961, Sony launched the world's first transistor-based videotape recorder, and in 1968, it developed and launched the Trinitron color television. Sony has since continued to release televisions and video equipment that boast industry-leading technologies and designs. Going forward, through the stunning reality of visuals and dynamic sound, Sony will transform the viewing experience from "watching" [...]

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